Architecture in Miami

Art Deco Architecture in Miami

Miami Beach Art Deco District is one of the most popular attractions for visitors. Besides lovely beaches, vibrant nightlife, Caribbean food, upscale shopping, and sunny weather, this architectural style from the 1920s and 1930s attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. 

Forever Attractive - Miami Beach

Vibrant colors, luxurious materials, flat roofs, geometrical patterns, sunbursts, and chevrons became a part of the city's identity even after the decline of this movement during the 1940s. To this day, Miami Beach Art Deco District is worth visiting, a place where you can go back to times when prosperity and glamour had an immense influence on art and architecture. The influence of Egyptian, Greek, and Aztec culture on the Art Deco movement, together with Futurism and Cubism in art, gave this period a unique and permanent charm and attractiveness. 

Art Deco Architects and Buildings in Miami Beach

There are many examples of Art Deco style in Miami Beach. However, some buildings became local symbols and are among the best samples. Here’s the list of exceptional buildings and their architects that you don’t want to skip when visiting Miami Beach.

Art Deco in Other Miami Neighborhoods

Miami Beach is well known for Art Deco architecture. However, there are examples of this style in art and design in other parts of this phenomenal city. Here are notable examples outside Miami Beach:

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